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本文摘要:Samsung Electronics Co.s (005930.SE SSNHY) latest smartphone, the Galaxy S 4, takes advantage of the South Korean electronics companys chip- and display-manufacturing prowess to get its material costs closer to Apple Inc.s (AAPL) costs for


Samsung Electronics Co.s (005930.SE SSNHY) latest smartphone, the Galaxy S 4, takes advantage of the South Korean electronics companys chip- and display-manufacturing prowess to get its material costs closer to Apple Inc.s (AAPL) costs for the iPhone 5.凭借其生产芯片和显示器的卓越能力,韩国三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)增大了近期智能手机Galaxy S 4在材料成本方面与苹果公司(Apple Inc.) iPhone 5的距离。An analysis conducted by market-research firm IHS Inc. estimates Samsungs cost of materials and manufacturing to produce the U.S. version of the S 4 is slightly above $237 a unit, according to a report expected to be released on Thursday. That is higher than Apples $217 production cost for a 32-gigabyte iPhone 5, which has a smaller and less-costly display screen.一份预计于周四公布的报告表明,市场研究机构IHS Inc.的分析报告估算,三星生产一部美国版Galaxy S 4的材料和生产成本仅有略高于237美元。苹果生产一部32G版iPhone 5的生产费用为217美元。

比起Galaxy S 4,iPhone 5的显示屏尺寸较小,成本也较低。Without a two-year contract, the 16-gigabyte version of the Samsung phone sells for $639 at ATT Inc. (T), and the iPhone 5 with 32 gigabytes costs $749 at an Apple store.如没两年套餐合约,这款三星智能手机的16G版在美国电话电报公司(ATT Inc.)的售价为639美元,32G版iPhone 5在苹果专卖店的售价为749美元。Pricing for an unlocked 32-gigabte S 4 hasnt been released.32G版S 4裸机价格还并未公布。

Most phone manufacturers buy components from many different suppliers. But Samsung, which builds everything from chips to displays, has used its production capabilities to produce many of the key components inside its S 4 phones.大多数手机生产商不会从很多有所不同供应商那里出售零部件。而产品涵括从芯片到显示屏的三星充分利用了自身的生产能力,S 4手机内配备的很多关键零部件都是三星自产。Samsungs strength is this ability to in-source to itself, IHS analyst Vincent Leung said in an interview. They just keep adding to the list of components that they can supply to themselves.IHS分析师Vincent Leung拒绝接受专访时说,三星的优势就是这种“内包”给自己的能力。他说道,三星还在大大减少自供零部件的种类。

One key component that Samsung didnt produce for its phone sold in the U.S., was the applications processor. U.S. versions of the phone contain a Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM) that contributes $20 to the overall cost, IHS says.三星这款在美国销售的智能手机有一个非自产的关键元件,那就是应用程序处理器。IHS说道,美国版手机使用的是高通公司(Qualcomm Inc.)生产的Snapdragon处理器,在总成本中占到了20美元。Versions of the phone sold in Korea and other markets around the world use a Samsung-made chip called Exynos 5 Octa that costs $28 in place of the Qualcomm chip. Samsung manufactures at least four different variations of the phone around the world, including two being sold in the U.S., one to ATT, and another to Verizon Wireless, said Andrew Rassweiler, another IHS analyst.在韩国和世界其它市场上销售的S 4则使用的是三星自产的Exynos 5 Octa芯片,成本为28美元。

IHS另一分析师拉斯韦勒(Andrew Rassweiler)说道,这款手机三星最少不会在世界范围内生产四种有所不同版本,还包括正在美国销售的两个版本,分别获取给电话电报公司和运营商Verizon Wireless。Samsung is demonstrating its ability to suit the tastes of carriers in different regions of the world, Mr. Rassweiler said. It comes down to what the market is willing to spend on the features offered.拉斯韦勒说道,三星正在展出其有能力适应环境世界有所不同地区运营商的拒绝,明确各不相同当地市场愿该手机功能投放多少。

The fact that Samsung used the Qualcomm-made chip is a testament to the U.S. chipmakers prowess. Even with all the vertical integration it is doing, it isnt like Samsung has given up on Qualcomm, Mr. Rassweiler said.三星用于高通芯片是对这家美国芯片制造商出众技术水平的佐证。拉斯韦勒说道,三星即使在展开产品横向统合的时候,或许也没有退出高通。One interesting difference between the U.S. and Korean versions of the Galaxy S 4 is the imaging processor.Galaxy S 4美国和韩国版之间有一个很有意思的区别:图像处理器。U.S. versions of the phone contain an image-processing chip made by Japans Fujitsu Ltd. that added $1.50 to the total cost. IHSs Mr. Leung says in the Korean versions, some of the image processing is handed off to Samsungs Exynos chip.美国版配有的是日本富士通(Fujitsu Ltd.)生产的图像处理芯片,价格为1.50美元。

Leung说道,韩国版的部分图像处理工作则由三星的Exynos芯片已完成。Samsung also supplied the flash memory used to store data on the device.这款手机配有的数据存储存储器也由三星自供。

IHS estimates that the phones 16 gigabytes of memory added $28 to the material cost of the device.据IHS估算,这款16G版手机的存储器成本为28美元。The Korean company supplied its own display and touch-screen parts, which added $75 to the cost of components.另外,该手机的显示屏和触摸屏零部件也为这家韩国公司自产,成本为75美元。The combined display package also includes Gorilla Glass, a strong glass material made by U.S.-based Corning Inc. (GLW).显示屏人组配备中还有大猩猩玻璃(Gorilla Glass)。


这是美国康宁公司(Corning Inc.)生产的一种增强玻璃。The S 4s display is nearly an inch larger than Apples iPhone 5, raising the Galaxys material costs.比起苹果的iPhone 5,S 4的显示屏大了近一英寸,其材料成本也适当提升。Samsung is also thought to have supplied itself with several unlabeled components, including the camera module and some wireless baseband chips.此外,还有几种无标元件也被指出是三星自产,如手机摄像头和一些无线基带芯片。A few non-Samsung suppliers include Broadcom Corp., which provided Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chips, Maxim Integrated Products Inc. (BRCM), which provided a power management chip, and Triquint Semiconductor Inc. (TQNT), which provided some wireless chips. Subscribe to WSJ: http://online.wsj.com?mod=djnwires除三星外,该手机的其它几个供应商分别是获取了蓝牙和Wi-Fi芯片的博通(Broadcom Corp.)、获取了电源管理芯片的Maxim Integrated Products Inc.和获取了部分无线芯片的Triquint Semiconductor Inc.等。